The Shampoo Brush – Your Beard’s Best Friend in the Shower

Most people massage their scalp and/or beard using their fingers and sometimes their nails. That’s OK for scalp hair, but not so great for a beard. Fingers are OK but nails are a big no no for a beard.

You should never scratch or pick you beard anyways.

A beard brush helps you “scratch” your face while softening your beard hair. But when you wash your beard, there’s a better way to not only “scratch” it indirectly, but getting several other benefits. I’m talking about a shampoo brush.

Basically, a shampoo brush looks like this:

Shampoo brushes are meant for scalp hair massage, but work great for beards too. After trying it, I found out it has 3 main benefits:

Scratch your face without doing any damage to your beard hair

A shampoo brush enables you to scratch your face while showering and soothe the itching that may occur when wearing a beard. Thanks to its silicon bristles, the shampoo brush does the job of scratching, but doesn’t do any damage to your beard hair like finger or nail scratching does.

Better rinse

Rinsing your beard with a shampoo brush is very effective compared to rinsing with your fingers. By rinsing in a downward motion, the shampoo brush lets you rinse the beard wash or beard conditioner so much better. Personally, I would never use my fingers again.

Beard dandruff killer

Got beard dandruff? Using a shampoo brush will definitely help you getting rid of this annoyance. When you massage your beard in the shower, it automatically removes dead skin in the process. Combined with a beard brush and regular hydration, the shampoo brush is the dranduff’s worst enemy.

Recommended shampoo brush

The shampoo brush I use and recommended is this one by Rolencos:

Rolencos Hair Scalp Brush Shampoo Massager Tourmaline contained

It’s well-built, the grip is great and its silicon bristles also contain tourmaline, a mineral that’s often seen in blow dryers and flat icons. Tourmaline helps provide healthier and shinier hair.

This specific shampoo brush costs less than 10$ and has done an amazing job for me so far.

Do you use a shampoo brush? If you have any comments, feel free to comment below.


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