Beard Product Review – Four Beard Oil Scents from Lion Beard Oil by Aromasyl

Aromasyl is an aromatherapy product company from Quebec City, Canada. The owner of the company, Sylvain Tremblay, is an aromatherapy enthusiast who recently decided to explore the beard product market. Aromasyl’s beard product line is called Lion Beard.

This is the first part of a two-part beard product review series I will write for Aromasyl. The first part aims at reviewing their four beard oil scents named Outdoors, Morning Breeze, Spring Mountain and Nights Sleep. In the second part, I will review the beard balms of the same scent, as well as their beard wash.

Aromasyl’s beard oils are rather woodsy and sometimes herbal, with combinations of aromas that make them unique and interesting.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

Outdoors – A Conifer Scent with a Touch of Frankincense

Outdoors Lion Beard Oil from Aromasyl

The Outdoors scent is for conifer lovers. This beard oil scent contains strong aromas of fir-balsam and cedar. Furthermore, subtle notes of frankincense help make this beard oil more appealing to beardsmen who are not usually driven towards conifer-like beard oils.

Nevertheless, this beard oil remains very woodsy. Personally, this is not the kind of beard oil I would wear on a frequent basis, but it’s a nice one to wear during outdoor activities, or simply when you’re missing that forest or trail you like.


Here’s the list of ingredients for the Outdoors beard oil scent:

Jojoba oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, essential oils of fir-balsam, cedar, frankincense and vitamin E.

Morning Breeze – Lime, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Morning Breeze Lion Beard Oil from Aromasyl

The Morning Breeze scent contains an interesting blend of lime, tea tree and eucalyptus. The lime and tea tree aromas are predominant, and the mix of both gives an interesting result. The eucalyptus notes are mild and help give the blend a menthol kind of twist.

The end result gives a unique scent that can appeal to various tastes. Beardsmen who like woodsy, citrus and even minted beard oil scents can fall in love with this one. Furthermore, this beard oil scent is versatile. This can be a great option for beardsmen who would like to try out a woodsy beard oil without using something that’s too wild.


Here’s the list of ingredients for the Morning Breeze beard oil scent:

Jojoba oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, essential oils of lime, tea tree, eucalyptus and vitamin E.

Spring Mountain – Herbal and Woodsy

The Spring Mountain beard oil scent is herbal and woodsy at the same time. It offers an agile blend of lavender, rosemary, cedar and tea tree. The rosemary and cedar notes are predominant, whereas the mild lavender notes really help toning those strong woodsy and herbal aromas. The tea tree notes are subtle and help bring another kind of herbal and woodsy touch to the mix.

This beard oil falls in the same category as the Outdoors one reviewed above. It’s very nature and forest like. However, the Spring Mountain scent is different, mainly because it’s not really conifer-like, even though in contains cedar. Unlike the Outdoors scent, the cedar acts as a complement rather than a predominant aroma.


Here’s the list of ingredients for the Spring Mountain beard oil scent:

Jojoba oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, essential oils of lavender, rosemary, cedar, tea tree and vitamin E.

Nights Sleep – A Unique and Relaxing Scent

In my opinion, the Nights Sleep scent is Aromasyl’s most distinctive beard oil scent. The blend contains an extremely well-balanced blend of lavender, lime and bergamot. None of these aromas stands out from another. As a result, Aromasyl managed to create a unique beard oil scent. Although it contains citrus and herbal aromas, I can’t say this beard oil is on either side. Nevertheless, I think this beard oil can appeal to herbal beard oil lovers especially, but it can also be appreciated by beardsmen who are usually into citrus beard oils, but who’d to like to try something wilder.

Besides offering a nice unique scent, the fact that this beard oil scent contains bergamot makes it even more distinctive. Bergamot is known for its relaxing properties. That’s why the scent is called “Nights Sleep”. Hence, this beard oil can be a good option while watching TV in the evening or even before going to bed.


Here’s the list of ingredients for the Nights Sleep beard oil scent:

Jojoba oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, essential oils of lavender, lime, bergamot and vitamin E.

Feeling on Beard and Skin

The texture of these four beard oil is just fine. The use of the high quality Jojoba and Argan oil is a plus. I think adding castor oil to the blend would help make the oil a bit thicker. Overall, the quality of this beard oil is above-average.

It applies pretty well on the beard and definitely helps prevent beard dandruff and itching. It’s non-greasy and offers a shiny look that’s not over the top. The scents are not all over the place either.

To be continued…

This was the first part of the Aromasyl beard product review series. The second part will include four beard balms and a beard wash.

Stay tuned!

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