The Boar Brush – Your Best Friend from the Early Stages of your Beard Growth

You might think that brushing your beard while it’s still at the stubble stage is useless. Actually, brushing your stubble, whether it’s short or pretty rough, has several benefits:

Beard Itch Soothing

Brushing your beard from the early stages helps reduce the itching, which can be so bad that many beard growers decide to shave completely for that reason. Using a boar brush is an appropriate way to “scratch” that itch without harming your beard (using your nails is a terrible idea). However, keep in mind that brushing your beard too often can be harmful, so do it no more than twice a day, and no more than twice on the same area every time.

Beard Hair Direction

Another benefit of brushing your beard is forcing your hair to grow in the right direction. Ideally, you should brush your beard in downward direction. If you think you’ll get a patchy beard, you might want to brush your beard hair in a direction that will result in filling out those patches.

Beard Softness

Along with combing, beard oil and other elements, brushing your beard using a boar brush will make your beard a lot softer. It helps untangle hair, clean dandruff and remove dead hair.

What brush to use?

First of all, keep away from brushes made of synthetic material like nylon, plastic or rubber. Go for a boar brush, period.

Personally, I use a Diane 100% Boar Military Brush, which looks like this:


I’ve been very satisfied so far. With proper use and maintenance, I’m pretty sure it’ll last for a lifetime. And most of all, it costs less than 10 bucks, which is pretty cheap for a brush of that quality.

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