Beard Product Review – Three Beard Oil Scents from Hungry Wolf Beard Company

Hungry Wolf Beard Company is an American beard product company from Bastrop, Texas. The company creates all-natural, handcrafted and small batch beard oil and beard wax. The company delivers their beard products in a nicely presented box that fits really well with their branding.

In this article, I will review 3 beard oil scents from Hungry Wolf Beard Company. The scents are named “The OG”, “Your Huckleberry” and “Americana”. Based on my experience with their products, I will say right off the bat that their beard oil scents are distinctive, elaborate, versatile and smell terrific.

Besides offering awesome beard oil scents, the company uses quality carrier oils in their products such as Golden Jojoba, Grapeseed, Castor, and Vitamin E. They didn’t cut corners in that regard.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

The OG – The All-Around Beard Oil

Hungry Wolf Beard Company

The OG beard oil scent is the most versatile one among the three I got the chance to review. This scent is rather complex, smells very great and can appeal to just about any beardsman. This is the company’s original product (the reason behind the “OG” name) that had been tested for months before being released… and they hit bullseye big time with that one!

This beard oil smells strong, but in a good way. It has strong floral notes of rose and jasmine combined with mild notes of patchouli and subtle notes of wood. From my perspective, the rose notes are the most present and the wood notes in particular help make this scent unique. This beard oil doesn’t smell funky or anything audacious. Thanks to its versatile blend of ingredients, I think you can’t go wrong with this scent.

Your Huckleberry – The Sweet Rustic One

Hungry Wolf Beard Company

The Your Huckleberry scent is also very unique. It’s a well-balanced blend of huckleberry, sandalwood and bourbon. This is a daring yet efficient blend that smells awesome. It’s sweet, vintage and subtly woodsy at the same time. The huckleberry aroma is predominant, but combined with sandalwood and bourbon, I don’t think we can even describe this beard oil as fruity, and this is special. The scent only has the good sides of huckleberry. It’s not acidic, it’s not that sweet and it doesn’t smell like a bath product. The scent is almost more floral than fruity actually.

It doesn’t have any alcoholic aroma from bourbon. The bourbon notes help balance the blend and definitely help tone down the fruity notes of huckleberry.

Americana – The Badass One

Hungry Wolf Beard Company

The Americana scent is, according to the company, its most ambitious beard oil scent. I didn’t find the exact list of aromas for this one, so I’ll use my experience with beard oil to guess them.

This scent is more badass than the two reviewed above. There’s no berries or flowers in that one. It has a cologne-like fragrance with notes that seem to be something like whiskey, tobacco, and there seems to have a bit of wood in the blend. I will admit that this is yet another unique scent, but not in the same vibe than the other two. This one is spicier, and the notes are more coarse. It smells great too, and I really like it myself. However, I don’t think it’s as versatile as the other two.

Nevertheless, for a cologne-like beard oil, this one is terrific and definitely above-average in that department.

Feeling on Beard and Skin

As mentioned earlier, these beard oils contain high-quality carrier oil. This shows up in the thick texture of the beard oil. It remains easy to apply although it’s thicker than average, and provides amazing control. Furthermore, the shiny look on the beard hair lasts throughout the day, and so does the smell.


Based on “The OG”, “Your Huckleberry” and “Americana”, I can say that Hungry Wolf Beard Company makes premium quality, unique and pretty good smelling beard oils. “The OG” is the most versatile of the three, being a beard oil anybody can appreciate. “Your Huckleberry” is also versatile, and has only the good sides of huckleberry as its main aroma. Finally, the “Americana” is for those who prefer coarse beard oil scents, in the likes of cologne and whiskey.

Learn more on Hungry Wolf Beard Company’s website.

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