Beard Product Review – The Blacksmith Beard Oil from Barbu Beard Co.

Barbu Beard Co. is an American company based in Miami, Florida, that handcrafts all-natural and organic beard care products. Back in 2017, I got the chance to review 3 of their beard oil scents, and I wrote a second article a few months later in order to review one of their beard balm scents named The Pirate.

For the third time, my friend Abraham at Barbu Beard Co. sent me a package, and this time, we’re talking about a new beard oil scent they have released lately named The Blacksmith. I really appreciate this kind move from Abraham and for that reason, I am glad to review this nice beard oil scent. This is actually the fourth beard oil scent I have tried out from Barbu Beard Co.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

The Blacksmith Beard Oil

The Blacksmith Beard Oil from Barbu Beard Co.

The Blacksmith beard oil scent is in a totally different range than the other three I reviewed in the past. This is actually one of Barbu Beard Co’s main strengths. They don’t stick to a specific formula that’s barely modified for every new scent. They go all in and play around with miscellaneous aromas and in the end, they pretty decent results.

That being said, The Blacksmith beard oil is a rather complex scent that combines aromas of Anise Star, Spruce and Orange essential oils. Although the blend is agilely balanced, the Anise Star is the most predominent aroma. Anise Star is actually an Asian spice in the likes of licorice. This is spicy and a tad woodsy. With Spruce in the mix, it’s even spicier and more woodsy, in a quite unique way. As for the orange, the notes are medium and help bring a twist of fruit to the blend.

I really like this beard oil scent indeed. I don’t think it’s for everyone though. The scent may seem odd to some beardsmen who are more driven towards cedar-like, cologne-like or fruit-like beard oil scents. As for my personal preference, there are some aromas I can’t stand and others I like so much that I almost want to drink them. By using The Blacksmith, I found out that I like the combination of Anise Star and Spruce aromas, a lot. It’s strong and spicy in its own way.

Feeling on Beard and Skin

Just like every beard oil Barbu Beard Co. offers, The Blacksmith is a high quality beard oil. The texture is just fine, neither too thin nor too thick. It applies very well on the beard and does a great job a reducing itching and taking care of dandruff.

The scent is strong one you applies the oil on your beard but tones down to an average level after a few minutes. This is not a beard oil you’ll smell all day long, and for that matter, it’s a great thing. Just like cologne, even if it smells terrific, who wants to smell themselves all day?


Here is the list of ingredients for The Blacksmith beard oil scent:

Organic Jojoba, Organic Aragon, Organic Cold pressed pure Grape seed, Organic Sweet Almond, Organic Castor, and Vitamin E.


The Blacksmith is yet another awesome beard oil scent from Barbu Beard Co.. It’s unique and I don’t recall using a beard oil with this kind of scent. It’s spicy and smells like licorice with nice notes of spruce and mild notes of orange.

I think it’s definitely worth trying out if you think licorice is a good aroma for a beard oil. I think so and was very surprised at how good it actually smells.

The quality is there, the product is all-natural. You can’t go wrong with Barbu Beard Co.’s beard products!

Learn more on Barbu Beard Co.’s website.

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