Beard Product Review – Sonoran Desert Beard Oil Scent from Bold Aromatherapy

Bold Aromatherapy is an American company from Phoenix, Arizona, specialized in aromatherapy for men. Besides offering aromatherapy product aimed at men, Bold Aromatherapy also has a content-rich blog on their website with topics such as essential oils, herbalism and skin care.

In this article, I will review their Sonoran Desert beard oil, which was sent to me by Jason Antonino, the owner and manager of the company. Jason is a clinical aromatherapist, and offers aromatherapy consulting services besides writing content on his blog and crafting aromatherapy products.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

Competitive Advantage – Expertise in Aromatherapy

Bold Aromatherapy is a different player in the beard oil game. Unlike most companies that make and sell beard oil, their website isn’t beard-oriented, except for a couple of blog articles. Their branding and mission aren’t beard-oriented either.

Bold Aromatherapy showcases its expertise in aromatherapy instead, and used it to develop a beard oil. I think this is a good strategy and a wise way to take advantage of their knowledge in that field.

Product Quality

The Sonoran Desert beard oil is a great quality product. The texture is well-balanced. Not too thin, not too thick, it’s just like how every beard oil should be. The beard oil is quite easy to apply on the beard and feels comfortable on both the beard and skin.

One suggestion for the company: I would add a dropper or an Euro dropper to the bottle, to help prevent spills and waste. Keep the frosted bottle though 🙂


The Sonoran Desert beard oil scent is pretty unique and rather complex. The company describes the scent as “reminiscent of the Sonoran Desert after a rainstorm with the added scent of orange blossoms”. The blend actually contains Mexican Chaparral Leaf, woodsy undertones and citrus top notes.

From my perspective, the Mexican Chaparral Leaf aroma is predominant, and brings a nice touch of wood and a subtle spicy twist. As for the citrus notes, they are mild and discreet, but remain very important in the blend. They help bring freshness to a beard oil that would be otherwise too woodsy, and do it outstandingly. The citrus notes are perceivable, but not enough to confirm it’s orange, lemon or lime, and that’s a good thing in that blend. We know it’s orange because the list of ingredients says so. The orange aroma is just right, and too much orange would have ruined the blend in my humble opinion. Kudos to Bold Aromatherapy for developing such an agilely blended beard oil!


Here’s the list of ingredients for the Sonoran Desert beard oil:

Jojoba oil, sunflower oil, Chaparral leaf, essential oils.


The Sonoran Desert beard oil is an above-average quality beard oil. Bold Aromatherapy managed to create a beard oil with a perfect texture, and took advantage of its expertise in aromatherapy to create a unique scent. The Sonoran Desert beard oil is a mix of Mexican Chaparral Leaf and orange blossom notes This gives woodsy undertones and refreshing citrus top notes. Whether you like woodsy or citrus beard oil scents, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one.

Learn more on Bold Aromatherapy’s website.

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