Beard Product Review – The Pirate Beard Balm and Boar Bristle Brush from Barbu Beard Co.

Barbu Beard Co. is an American company based in Miami, Florida, that handcrafts all-natural and organic beard care products. Back in July 2017, I got the chance to review 3 of their beard oil scents. My favorite in the group was the one named The Pirate.

About 3 months later, I received a nice little gift in my mailbox. My friend Abraham at Barbu Beard Co. sent me a tin of beard balm of my favorite scent of theirs (as I mentioned above, The Pirate), as well as a boar bristle brush and a sketch notes notebook.

In this article, I will review The Pirate beard balm, as well as their boar bristle brush and the sketch notes notebook.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

The Pirate Beard Balm

The Pirate beard balm has just about the same awesome scent as the beard oil of the same scent. This scent offers a great blend of grapefruit, bay rum, black pepper, and vanilla essential oils. However, compared to The Pirate beard oil, the beard balm is a bit less spicy, probably because of the shea butter’s aroma.

I really like The Pirate’s smell. I like vanilla, I like citrus and I like spicy beard oils in general. The black pepper notes bring a nice spicy twist. With this scent, I can get it all. I also like the fact that the beard balm helps make the overall scent even better than the beard oil alone. The balm actually helps tone down the scent instead of boosting it, and this is a good thing. The beard oil is strong enough in a positive way. It doesn’t need to go over the top. Unlike some beard oil and beard balm combinations on the market, this one is pretty effective. The Pirate beard balm acts as a complement to The Pirate beard oil, rather than “overdriving” it.

The beard oil and beard balm combination’s scent last very long. As I write this article, I can still smell The Pirate’s beard oil and balm I applied this morning, that is, more than 12 hours ago.

The hold is labelled as medium. Hence, it provides great control for shaping your beard and getting rid of wavy beard hair. It can also work well during bad beard days.


Here’s the list of ingredients for The Pirate beard balm:

Organic yellow Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba, Organic Sweet Almond, NON-GMO Coconut oil,Vitamin E and 100% Pure essential oils.

Boar Bristle Beard Brush

A boar bristle beard brush is a must-have tool from the first few weeks you start growing a beard. At first, using one is recommended for soothing itchy skin, and later, for softening beard hair.

Most beard brushes are either oval or rectangle shaped. Barbu Beard Co. chose a round-shaped size, which is more convenient when on the go. Although I’d rather use a larger one at home, my big oval-shaped beard brush would be a pain to carry out.

Barbu Beard Co.’s boar bristle beard brush is well-crafted. The quality is nice and the carved in wood logo looks awesome.

It does a great job at softening the beard. The boar bristles are genuine (no plastic, nylon or anything like that). The bristles are soft, which is ideal for sensitive skin and thin beards.

Sketch Notes Notebook

Sketch Notes Notebook

The Sketch Notes Notebook is in the “Apparel” category on Barbu Beard Co.’s website. It doesn’t really have anything to do with beards, but I’ll be glad to write a few words about it, since the company was kind enough to send me one.

This notebook can be carried out in your back pocket. You can use it for writing down random ideas, reminders, phone numbers like we did before the smartphone era. The cover is surprisingly sturdy, and even water resistant.

This is not some cheap 99 cent stuff. It’s handmade in the USA and only costs 5$.


I would like to thank Abraham at Barbu Beard Co. for sending me out this unexpected package. This is much appreciated.

I really enjoyed using The Pirate beard balm along with The Pirate beard oil I had already reviewed (and have been using on a regular basis ever since). The Pirate beard balm is a complement to the beard oil of the same scent, especially because the aromas are slightly lighter than the beard oil’s . When used together, The Pirate beard oil and beard balm represent a terrific option with a nice range of sweet, sour and spicy aromas.

Their boar bristle beard brush is a nice item to add to your beardsman toolbox. It’s well-made, soft and compact. If you need a second beard brush at the office or in your pockets, this is a great option.

Learn more on Barbu Beard Co.’s website.

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