Beard Product Review – Miami Nights and Red Alert Beard Oil Scents from Pulpo Beard Oils

Pulpo Beard Oils is an American, veteran-owned beard product company based in Texas. Besides offering beard oil and beard balm, Pulpo Beard Oils offers a line of accessories and clothing that showcase their cool and badass branding (their octopus is very present in their branding, and tightly linked to their business name, as “pulpo” means “octopus” in Spanish.)

In this article, I will review 2 beard oil scents from Pulpo Beard Oils . These two scents are for fruit lovers and smell awesome, especially during the hot days of summer. These beard oils, even though they’re both fruity, are very different from each other.

One of the biggest pluses of these beard oils is the use of Castor Oil, which makes a major difference when it comes to quality, feeling and texture of the product. Castor Oil, when used in beard oil, has lots of benefits I’ll mention later in this review.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

Miami Nights – A Heavenly Scent of Mango Beachwood

As you know, when I write my reviews, my approach aims at providing honest output based on my experience with the product in question. If I dislike a scent, I’ll say it, and if I like it, I’ll say it too.

And you know what? If I fell in love with a beard oil scent, I’ll say it too!

This is what actually happened with Pulpo Beard Oils‘ Miami Nights scent. Honestly, although I like to use different kinds of beard oil scents, and I’m not a big fan of aroma comparisons, this one is definitely one of the best beard oil scents I’ve ever used. The actual fragrance is mango beachwood. This scent is very tropical, beach-like, great during summertime, and extremely fruity. For fruity scent lovers, the mango beachwood aroma is ideal, since it’s not citrus, not that sweet and not annoying at all. It can be compared to peach scent, but in my opinion, it smells better.

That being said, I don’t have the specific aromas that make this fragrance, but based on my knowledge and use of the product, it has well-balanced notes of mango and very subtle notes of vanilla and honey. This result is tremendous, to say the least.

I think this scent that can please anyone, except maybe guys who’d be like: “Is this one of my girlfriend’s products she bought at Bath & Works?” I can understand this kind of reaction, but man, grow up… This is a beard oil, not hand lotion. It smells extremely fruity, but in a great way, and kudos to Pulpo Beard Oils for creating, in my humble opinion, one of the best smelling beard oils on the market.

Red Alert – The Badass’ Fruity Beard Oil

The Red Alert scent is a totally different animal. Although it’s also a fruity one, it’s a way more coarse beard oil, made for those who prefer stronger aromas.

Compared to the nice and delicate scent of the Miami Nights scent, the Red Alert is a very strong-smelling beard oil. The actual fragrance is cherry tobacco. Cherry is a fairly strong scent itself, and tobacco is even stronger. Therefore, when both aromas are combined, it gives a great sweet, fruity and coarse scent, but not anyone can like and even tolerate it. Personally, I like that smell, but I’d rather use less drops than usual in order to tone down the notes of cherry and the coarseness of tobacco.

I think the scent name is appropriate, as you must be aware that this beard oil is a strong, badass one. I will enjoy using it every once in a while, but I think it’s too strong to be my everyday go-to oil. Maybe for guys who can fight a grizzly with bare hands, that’ll be another story.

Nevertheless, the blend is a nice one and unlike most other tobacco-based beard oil scents, this one doesn’t smell old or vintage. It’s mainly fruity and sweet.

Feeling on Beard and Skin

As I mentioned earlier, the use of Castor Oil in their beard oils makes a big impact. The texture of Pulpo’s beard oils is thicker than average, thanks to the Castor Oil. Besides offering several health benefits such as improving blood circulation (great for stimulating growth naturally) and soothing irritated skin, the thickness of Castor Oil provides excellent beard control. Therefore, depending on the length of your beard, you can use a few more drops of beard oil and forget about your beard balm (beard balm is still recommended on bad beard days though).

Of course, a beard oil that contains Castor Oil tends to be greasier, but that’s part of the game. The better control it provides comes at the expense of having to spend a few more seconds cleaning your hands after use.


All in all, the two beard oil scent from Pulpo Beard Oils reviewed in this article are high quality products with terrific fragrances.

The Miami Nights scent is one I fell in love with. Mango beachwood is an amazing tropical scent that’s great for summertime, and suitable for any fruit lover. On the other hand, some stronger-scent lovers may find this beard oil not man enough or too light.

For those guys, the Red Alert may be a better option. This one has a strong cherry tobacco scent. As it name says, this is a strong-scent red alert. It is definitely strong, and although it remains fruity, cherry is strong to begin with, and tobacco is even stronger. As a result, this one is coarse, sweet and very fruity.

Finally, the use of Castor Oil and Argan Oil as the main base of their beard oil shows that Pulpo Beard Oils doesn’t cut corners when it comes to product quality.

Learn more on Pulpo Beard Oils website.

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