Beard Product Review – Machine Sins and Nemoral Grit from Beardifulman

Beardifulman is a beard product company from Thailand. There’s an interesting story behind this company, their name and their products. Beardifulman offers several beard oils scents, as well as beard balms and beard wax.

In the first part, I reviewed four beard oil scents from this company.

In the second part, I will review two of their beard balm scents named Machine Sins and Nemoral Grit. These two beard balms are quite different from each other, not only scent-wise but texture-wise as well.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

Machine Sins Beard Balm – The Beard Balm You Can’t Go Wrong With

Machine Sins Beard Balm from Beardifulman

The Machine Sins beard balm scent contains an impressive range of aromas that give a great end result. Essentially, this scent contains ginger, lime, cinnamon and subtle notes of cacao tree. Scent-wise, this is one of the few beard balms I have reviewed that I feel you can’t go wrong with. Honestly, I can’t imagine a beardsman saying he doesn’t like how it smells. It has a complex and daring blend of aromas that hit the bullseye. I wouldn’t say it smells heavenly, but it definitely smells great and you could use it as you sole beard balm and not grow tired of it.

As for the texture, it’s on the hard side and provides medium hold, as they claim, and I acknowledge this is the case indeed. Although the balm is quite hard, it’s not grainy and that’s a big plus for Beardifulman.

After applying this beard balm, the scent isn’t overwhelming on your face for too long. That’s a good thing since, just like good cologne, you’re not supposed to smell yourself for hours after using it.

Nemoral Grit – Wood Smoke, Aged Whiskey and Unusual Texture

Nemoral Grit Beard Balm from Beardifulman

The Nemoral Grit beard balm scent from Beardifulman is less versatile than the Machine Sins one, but it’s definitely more badass. Right off the bat, the texture looks strange. Actually, once I opened the tin, I wondered what the heck was that product. This beard balm looks like butter and is soft, but not like grease.

That being said, I was quite surprised at how efficient that beard balm was. First of all, it applies extremely well, thanks to its soft but non-greasy texture. It doesn’t provide as much hold as the Machine Sins scent though. Therefore, this is not the kind of beard balm you want to use on “bad beard days”, but it remains a terrific option for quick conditioning or as a beard oil replacement occasionally.

As for the scent, it’s basically a predominent wood smoke aroma with mild notes of aged whiskey. To appreciate this beard balm, you must enjoy the smell of wood smoke, because it’s strong. However, the aged whiskey aroma makes the global scent way more pleasant than campfire ashes alone. The scent will remain one your beard for quite a while, unlike the Machine Sins scent. This can be a good thing or a hassle depending on your personal preference as a beardsman. Personally, since I like this smell every once in a while, I appreciate this aspect.

Feeling on Beard and Skin

These two beard balms do a decent job at preventing dandruff and reducing itching. As I pointed out above, the Nemoral Grit is way easier to apply. As for overall feeling, the texture itself has little impact. However, I found out that the Nemoral Grit scent lasts quite longer than Machine Sins.

These beard balms didn’t make my beard shiny but did an excellent job at conditioning it. If you need more control, go with Machine Sins without hesitation. If you need a beard balm that’s easier to apply, Nemoral Grit is what you need.


Beardifulman offers an interesting range of beard oils with daring blends. As a beardsman, you can surely find one that can suit your tastes. Overall, their beard oils are made of premium ingredients and the texture is awesome.

As for Beardifulman’s beard balm, the one I reviewed in this article are quite different from each other. The Machine Sins is harder and the Nemoral Grit is very soft and surprisingly efficient. The scents are awesome, the Nemoral Sins being a lot stronger and lasts longer.

Beardifulman’s products are definitely worth trying out.

Learn more on Beardifulman’s website.

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