Beard Product Review – Grandpas Brew and Miami Spice Beard Oil Scents from Civil Savage Grooming

Civil Savage Grooming is an American beard product company from Atlanta, Georgia. The company’s branding stands out from the competition, thanks to sometimes unusual, sometimes funny and most of the time badass themes and product names. Furthermore, the overall quality of Civil Savage Grooming‘s products also stands out from the competition, at many levels.

In this article, I will review two beard oil scents from this company. The first one is named Grandpas Brew. As you probably guessed just by its name, this beard oil has a vintage vibe to it. The second beard oil I will review is named Miami Spice. As you’ll notice on the picture below, its name and branding are obviously inspired by the 80s TV series with a slightly different name. The Miami Spice scent is one the tropical / beach / islands side.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

Grandpas Brew – Straight out of an Old Barbershop

The Grandpas Brew scent from Civil Savage Grooming would have been a huge hit in barbershops several decades ago. Civil Savage Grooming managed to create a vintage scent that blends aged whiskey, leather and tobacco. The result gives a very manly beard oil with a predominant cherry-flavoured pipe tobacco scent, mild notes of leather that help tone the tobacco scent down a little bit and subtle notes of aged whiskey, which helps balance the whole blend.

I don’t think this beard oil is for everyone, especially beardsmen who are more into fruity and mild beard oils. For those of you, I suggest you go for the Miami Spice scent instead. Personally, I like the Grandpas Brew‘s character, and even though I’m not a smoker, I like the smell of pipe tobacco in general, and leather combined with aged whiskey smell great too. To use a beer analogy, if you’re more into lagers, you may have a hard time with IPAs and strong Ales. The same principle applies to the Grandpas Brew beard oil. You’ll love it as long as 1) you like the smell of cherry pipe tobacco, and 2) you are fine with a blend of 3 strong scents.

The blend Civil Savage Grooming created with the Grandpas Brew beard oil is amazing. I give the company two thumbs up for creating an unusual rough scent that’s not wooden, musky or anything like that.

Miami Spice – A Tropical Vibe in the Bottle

The Miami Spice scent is a totally different beard oil. This one is tremendous for summer, and once again, Civil Savage Grooming was able to create an amazing blend, this one giving a tropical / beach / islands kind of beard oil. The oil is actually a blend of coconut rum, vanilla and citrus. The combination of coconut rum and vanilla smells like heaven, really. The aromas are well-balanced, and I can’t say one is more present than another, which is a good thing. Too much coconut or too much vanilla may become hard to deal with. In addition, the citrus helps toning down the sweetness.

This beard oil is one of the best smelling I have used so far. I may be a little biased since coconut and vanilla are probably my two favourite scents. And when blended together, I could literally smell this aroma all day without any problem.

For summer, this is a must-have, and can easily be the go-to beard oil of any beardsman during the hottest months of the year. I’ll probably give it a try during winter, just for the experience, but I don’t think this is a scent I’d want to wear during Christmas however… unless I’d be in Miami on that day 🙂

Product Quality and Feeling on the Beard and Skin

Based on their Grandpas Brew and Miami Spice beard oil scents, I can tell that Civil Savage Grooming‘s product quality is way above average. The oil’s texture is almost perfect, not too thin, not too greasy. It applies pretty well on the beard and does a great job at preventing beard dandruff and itching. Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, the aromas of both beard oils are terrific.

Low Price

Civil Savage Grooming‘s beard oils are very affordable. Both the Grandpas Brew and Miami Spice beard oil scents cost 10.99$ USD each, and a combo with a beard balm of the same scent is available for 16.99$ USD. Compared to several competitors, this is a great bang for the buck.


All in all, the two beard scents reviewed in this article are great quality and smell really nice.

The Grandpas Brew is a coarse, strong and vintage beard oil that could have been sold to barbershops in the 60s. The predominant cherry-flavoured pipe tobacco scent blended with leather and aged whiskey makes this beard oil a must-have for strong scent lovers.

The Miami Spice is more for summer, beach, islands and sunshine lovers. This is an amazing scent for hot summer days and nights. The blend offers well-balanced aromas of coconut rum, vanilla and citrus.

Learn more on Civil Savage Grooming’s website or follow them on Instagram.

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