Beard Product Review – Four Beard Oil Scents from Beardifulman

Beardifulman is a beard product company from Thailand. There’s an interesting story behind this company, their name and their products. Beardifulman offers several beard oils scents, as well as beard balms and beard wax.

This article is the first part of a two-part review series I will write for Beardifulman.

In this article, I will review four of their beard oil scents. These are four totally different animals aimed at various kinds of beardsmen.

In the second part, which will be written in a few weeks, I will review two of their beard balm scents.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

Dirty Cop – A Well-Balanced Orange Scent

Dirty Cop Beard Oil from Beardifulman

Just like every product on their website, Beardifulman’s Dirty Cop beard oil scent is described in a funny way. Their product descriptions are really worth reading 🙂

This beard oil’s scent is awesome. It’s citrusy, but we’re not talking about lemon or lime, we’re talking about orange. Therefore, it’s a bit less acidic and smells sweeter. The company describes the main scent as “Fresh Summer Citrus”, which is very accurate.

I think this beard oil scent is pretty versatile and can suit the tastes of citrus scent lovers and even those who aren’t usually into acidic citrus scents like lemon and lime. It also has a pleasant touch of spice I couldn’t identify. Perhaps it’s the “Cobra Venom” or “Bear Tears” mentioned on their list of ingredients :-).

Rebel Skies – A Cool Blend of Mint and Ginger

The Rebel Skies beard oil scent offers an agile and refreshing blend of mint and ginger. It smells exactly like a Mojito. This beard oil feels fresh and smells like mint, but not in a strong way. The mint scent is very present, but it doesn’t feel like a splash of mouthwash on your beard at all. Furthermore, the subtle notes of ginger help make the Rebel Skies beard oil a tad spicier.

I think this beard oil scent smells terrific. I like the kind of refreshing feel it provides. It’s not all over the place. The mint aroma feels natural, in the likes of mint leaves, rather than strong menthol that makes your eyes cry. It’s also sweeter than the average minted beard oil, which is a great plus for the Rebel Skies scent.

Ember Grounds – Coffee and Cigar

Ember Grounds Beard Oil from Beardifulman

The Ember Grounds beard oil scent smells like vanilla cigar tobacco combined with mild notes of coffee beans. Once again, this is yet another beard oil scent that’s agilely balanced. The tobacco aroma isn’t too strong and actually smells pretty good. As for the coffee bean aroma, I think it could be slightly more present, but nonetheless, it does a great job at providing an additional twist to this unique scent.

As a vanilla lover, I love this beard oil. I also love the smell of cuban cigars, and I’m a coffee enthusiast. Therefore, I could only be pleased with the Ember Grounds beard oil scent. The sweetness level is perfect, giving this beard oil only the good sides of vanilla and coffee.

Angry Head – The Musky One

Angry Head Beard Oil from Beardifulman

The Angry Head beard oil scent is very musky, thanks to the use of cedarwood and what they call “atomic” lavender. This one is very woodsy and smells pretty strong, way more than the other three. There’s no ambiguity with the Angry Head beard oil scent. If you like the smell of musk, you’ll fall in love with it. Otherwise, you’ll want to pass on that one.

Personally, I used to hate cologne with this smell when I was younger. I can tolerate it today, but quite frankly, it’s still not my type, but that’s just me.

As I said, if you’re into this, you’ve got to get this beard oil. The musk aroma is predominent and smells extremely manly. The scent also remains for quite on while on the beard, which is another big plus for musk lovers.

Feeling on the Beard and Skin

Beardifulman‘s beard oil are made with premium ingredients such as Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and undisclosed secret ingredients. The texture is awesome, non-greasy and provides great control. It’s gentle on the skin and, except for the Angry Head scent, the aromas aren’t overly present on the beard.

To be continued

This was the first part of a two-part review series for Beardifulman.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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