Beard Product Review – Citrus Spice Beard Oil and Beard Wash from Artius Man

This is the second part of my review of some of Artius Man‘s products.

The first part‘s objective was to review their Black Coffee and Campfire beard oil. In the second part, I am reviewing Artius Man‘s Citrus Spice beard oil and the Citrus Spice beard wash.

Artius Man is an American beard care product creator from Sunbury, Ohio. The company prides itself on creating high quality beard products from natural and organic ingredients.

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Citrus Spice Beard Oil

The Citrus Spice beard oil was the one that caught my attention the most when I discovered Artius Man’s beard products. Spicy scents are sometimes aggressive, and citrus scents are sometimes too fruity, which is okay, but not so manly.

That being said, I thought citrus and spice sounded like a very nice blend, by removing the annoyance of both citrus and spice… and I was totally spot on.

The first time I opened the bottle, the smell reminded me of winter-like, potpourri kind of fragrance. I did not perceive the citrus from the bottle. However, once I applied it to my beard, that’s when my expectations were met.

It smells as I described above, but the citrus makes all the difference. The citrus helps make the winter-like fragrance wearable on all seasons.

Scent Description

The Citrus Spice beard oil contains cinnamon, clove and notes of citrus essential oils. The blend also contains Artius Man’s classic unscented beard oil, which helps moderate the smell of the strong ingredients.

So, yes it’s a bit a winter / Christmas time kind of scent, but personally, I have no problem using that beard oil during summer, because of the citrus notes that help make the blend all-season and pretty nice.

Overall Feeling

Just like the other oils from Artius Man I reviewed, the Citrus Spice beard oil is high-quality and feels great on both my beard and skin. Furthermore, the oil is thicker than the average industrial oil, and applies pretty well on a damp beard, compared to several cheaper oils that tend to get diluted on a damp beard.


Here’s the list of ingredients for Artius Man’s Citrus Spice beard oil :

Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, butyrospermum parkii (Shea) seed oil, argana spinosa (argan) kernel oil, sclerocarya birrea (marula) seed & adansonia digitata (baobab) seed oil, tocopheryl (vitamin E) acetate, various natural essential oils. *Certified Organic.

Citrus Spice Beard Wash

The Citrus Spice beard wash is impressive, to say the least. First of all, the citrus spice scent is twice as much present than in the beard oil. Also, unlike several beard wash on the market, the scent remained heavily present on my beard once I was out of the shower.

As far as washing goes, the Citrus Spice beard wash does a great job. I was impressed by the quality of the 3 beard oils I tried from Artius Man, but their beard wash’s quality is even better than that of their beard oil. The product provides a great wash, feels amazing my beard and skin, and the fact that its smell remained highly present on my face after leaving the shower, is a huge advantage for this product over the competition.

Using both the Citrus Spice Beard Wash and Beard Oil Combined

The first time I used the Citrus Spice beard wash, I put some Citrus Spice beard oil right after stepping out of the shower. This, of course, resulted in strengthening the smell, which is fine, as long as you like the smell.

Another proof that the smell is pretty strong, after applying the beard oil, I applied a light citrus-scented beard balm from another company. I was surprised to find out that the citrus spice scent blew away that of the beard balm, big time. Among the dozens of beard oils I tried and used, very few, if any, can do this to that extent.


Here’s the list of ingredients for Artius Man’s Citrus Spice beard wash :

*Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Olive Oil, *Glycerin, *Sunflower Oil, Guar Gum, Aloe Vera Juice Extract, *Rosemary Extract, *Shea Butter, Citric Acid & essential oils. *Organic Ingredients.


The Citrus Spice beard oil and Citrus Spice beard wash are terrific products. The oil applies greatly on a dry beard, and even better on a damp beard. The scent is strong, rather winter-like, but the citrus notes make it suitable for all seasons. As for the beard wash, this is another quality product from Artius Man that cleanse the beard pretty well, and has a stronger citrus spice smell than the beard oil of the same scent. For optimal results, I recommend using both products during a given grooming routine, since the scent is particular and may be hard to mix with other fragrances.

Learn more on Artius Man‘s website.

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