Beard Oil Review – Viking Original Beard Oil by Hakiki

Hakiki is a Canadian beard product company from Ontario. The company sells its beard products through an Etsy store that offers an impressive range of whatever you need to take care of your beard. From beard oil to beard balm, beard soap and pretty nice gift sets, Hakiki not only has a nice viking-oriented branding, but also proudly-crafted beard products. And, maybe I’m biased, but beard products made in my own country are usually pretty good, and Hakiki’s make no exception.

In this review, I will review a beard oil of theirs called Viking Original.

Viking Original Beard Oil by Hakiki

This is their unscented beard oil, so unfortunately, I won’t have much to say about the scent, since there’s none. Nevertheless, a beard oil is much more than bells and whistles and too often, beardsmen (including myself at times) focus a lot on the scent of a beard product rather than the quality itself. Personally, I enjoy a beard oil that smells pretty nice, of course, but will it be my go-to beard oil because of that? Definitely not. My favorite beard oils aren’t necessarily the ones that smell the best. They’re the ones that feel the best and make my beard look the best.

That being said, Hakiki has a no-bullsh*t approach with regards to the ingredients they use in their beard oil. They pride themselves on adding no synthetic cosmetics to their products, and this is a very good thing. I noticed that right off the bat.

The Viking Original beard oil has a perfect texture. It’s neither too oily, nor too greasy, it’s really just fine. The oil applies quite easily on the beard and doesn’t add any exaggerated shine to it.

The fact that it’s unscented has a few advantages. First off, if you’re a new comer in beard growth and don’t really know where to go product-wise, using an unscented high-quality beard oil like Hakiki’s Viking Original is a wise move. At the early stages of beard growth, you should focus on making it happen rather than smelling great. And anyways, if you really want your beard to smell great (and this brings me to the second advantage), an unscented beard oil lets you use whatever scented beard balm you want! A scented beard balm won’t interfere with an unscented beard oil, unlike scented beard oils.

This beard oil does an excellent job at everything a beard oil should, that is:

  • Beard hair/skin moisturizing and beard hair softening
  • Efficient control (for wavy or frizzy hair)
  • Getting rid of beard dandruff
  • Say goodbye to itchy skin


Argan oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil.


Hakiki’s Viking Original beard oil is a no bells and whistles beard oil that does just what it needs to do. It contains high-quality ingredients, without any chemicals, and the fact that it’s unscented gives you the freedom to use the scented beard balm or even the cologne of your choice with it.

Once again, I can confirm that us, Canadians, make awesome beard products 🙂

Learn more on Hakiki’s Etsy store.