Beard Oil Review – Pawpaw’s Chair, Barbershop and Flat White Scents from Damn Yankee Beard Co.

Damn Yankee Beard Co. is an American beard product company from Texas. The company offers beard oil and beard balm made with high quality ingredients.

In this article, I will review 3 beard oil scents from Damn Yankee Beard Co. named “Pawpaw’s Chair”, “Barbershop” and “Flat White”. These beard oils and quite different from each other and are aimed at totally different beardsmen.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

Pawpaw’s Chair – Vintage and “In your Face”

Pawpaw's Chair Beard Oil from Damn Yankee Beard Oil Co.

The Pawpaw’s Chair beard oil scent from Damn Yankee Beard Co. is a very strong one. It contains pipe tobacco and leather aromas, which are quite coarse ingredients for a beard oil. The pipe tobacco aroma is predominent (cherry tobacco seemingly), whereas the leather notes are milder.

I think this beard oil is great for beardsmen who look for a vintage, old school, in your face kind of beard oil. It’s strong, very strong. I don’t think it’s a “female-friendly” beard oil scent, unlike cologne or fruity scents, for instance. However, for beardsmen who don’t care about this and enjoy this kind of vintage beard oil, this is a solid option for you. On the other hand, if you’re more driven towards lighter beard oil scents, I don’t think Pawpaw’s Chair is a good match for you.

Barbershop – Vintage too, but in a different way

Barbershop Beard Oil from Damn Yankee Beard Co.

The Barbershop beard oil from Damn Yankee Beard Co. is also very vintage, but not in a “grandpa” kind of way. The company describes this scent as a reminder of how old school shaving cream smelled in old barbershops. I think they’re spot on with that statement. In fact, if you buy shaving cream or soap to use with a straight or safety razor, chances are high that it’ll smell exactly like this beard oil.

I like this beard oil scent and personally, that’s the kind of vintage beard oil I prefer. It feels fresh and manly without being over the top. It remains a strong beard oil in terms of fragrance, but not in terms of ingredients per se. I think it’s definitely more versatile than Pawpaw’s Chair and probably a lot more female-friendly :-).

Even if you’re not really into vintage beard oil scent, I think the Barbershop scent is worth trying. Although it’s inspired from a popular old school product, this beard oil scent is unique and really stands out from the competition.

Flat White – For Coffee Enthusiasts

Flat White Beard Oil from Damn Yankee Beard Co.

The Flat White beard oil scent is totally different beast than the other two reviewed in this article. This one smells like a cup of espresso with steamed milk, with subtle notes of vanilla and orange. Flat White is a cool beard oil scent, although I wouldn’t wear it everyday. I think the steamed milk aroma could be slightly toned down, and the overall scent could benefit from having more coffee bean notes.

Nevertheless, this beard oil smells pretty good and the fact that it doesn’t smell like an ultra-sweet cup of coffee is a huge plus. This is the kind of beard oil you can use with lightly-scented beard balms and get surprising results. For instance, I’d be curious to combine it with a smokey wood beard balm, I’m pretty sure it would make one hell of a combo.

Feeling on Beard and Skin

Damn Yankee Beard Co.’s beard oil has great texture, neither too thin nor too thick. It applies pretty well on the beard and isn’t messy. The oil provides good control and gives a nice shine to my beard.

Thanks to a blend of high quality ingredients, I also noticed that these beard oils are quite effective at eliminating beard dandruff and itchy skin.

Here’s the list of ingredients in Damn Yankee Beard Co.’s beard oil:

Organic oil (Jojoba, sweet almond, argan coconut, hemp seed), fragrance.


I think Damn Yankee Beard Co.’s beard oil scents are daring, to say the least, unique and well-thought. The 3 beard oil scents reviewed in this article can suit the tastes of different types of beardsmen:

  • Pawpaw’s Chair is a vintage, badass, coarse and “in your face” beard oil scent that smells like cherry pipe tobacco and leather. This one is a good option for nostalgic beardsmen who wish they had a beard in the 1960s;
  • Barbershop is the most versatile of the three. This one is vintage too but instead of smelling like tobacco, it smells like old-school shaving cream. This beard oil is awesome and I wouldn’t have any problem wearing it everyday.
  • Flat White isn’t vintage, but more urban, for lack of a better word. This one smells like a cup of espresso with steamed milk and subtle notes of vanilla and orange. I think this is a cool beard oil for those who look for something that stand out from the average beard oil scents.

Learn more on Damn Yankee Beard Co.’s website.