Beard Oil Review – Black Pepper & Sandalwood Beard Oil from Bear Grooming

Bear Grooming is a men care and men grooming product company from Leicester, UK. The company offers beard grooming products such as beard oil, beard balm, beard wash and mustache wax. Besides beard grooming, this British company also offers man supplements such as biotin capsules, a vitamin known for helping hair growth. According to their website, they have skin care products coming soon too.

In this article, I will review their Black Pepper & Sandalwood beard oil. This beard oil scent will probably make you want to throw your bottle of cologne away!

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

Black Pepper & Sandalwood Beard Oil from Bear Grooming

The Scent

At the time of writing this article, Bear Grooming has only one beard oil scent named Black Pepper & Sandalwood. I was expecting something woodsy with spicy notes brought in by black pepper. However, I was shocked at how much more than that this beard oil scent really is.

The predominent aroma is “modern” cologne. Not old man’s or funky cologne, but the type of cologne you wear in your 20s, 30s or 40s. Although it contains sandalwood and black pepper aromas, I wouldn’t put this beard oil in either the woodsy or spicy departments. The scent is pretty good smelling modern cologne, period.

For that reason, if you appreciate cologne in general, you’ll find this is one heck of a beard oil scent. It smells for a long time, so you must appreciate this aspect if you use this beard oil. In terms of scent, this beard oil is among the top ones I’ve reviewed, even though I wouldn’t use it every day simply because I think it can get overwhelming at times (just like cologne, for that matter). However, when you feel like going out, and would usually put on cologne on that occasion, this beard oil is definitely the way to go.

How it Feels Like

Bear Grooming’s beard oil feels different on the beard and skin than most beard oils on the market. It’s conditioning properties are great and it softens my beard efficiently. It’s also really not greasy at all. Actually, it’s so non greasy, it almost feels dry and speaking for myself, it feels a bit awkward. I’ve gotten used to thick, greasy and sometimes sticky beard oils and enjoy them for several reasons.

I think Bear Grooming’s beard oil solves some of the weaknesses found in most beard oils, but at the same time, some of these weaknesses may be considered as strengths for certain types of beardsmen. For instance, a greasier beard oil provides more hair control, but is a pain to wash off your hands after use. With Beard Grooming’s beard oil, your hands will be clean in the wink of an eye after use, but don’t expect too much control. It won’t provide the shinest look on your beard, but it will give it some shine nonetheless. Once again, greasier beard oils perform better in that area. It’s up to you whether you like these beard oil features or can do without.

As for texture, it’s thinner than average. This also impacts control, but anyways, if you need control, there’s nothing like a good beard balm or beard butter combined with a beard oil. Seldom will you find a beard oil that’ll provide as much control as a beard oil / beard balm combo.

If you’re looking for a great smelling beard oil that conditions your beard efficiently without leaving a mess on your hands and grooming accessories, Bear Grooming’s beard oil is what you need.


Here’s the list of the top ingredients found in Bear Grooming’s beard oil:

Black Pepper, Vitamin A, D & E, Sandalwood, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Shea Nut Butter.


The Black Pepper & Sandalwood beard oil from Bear Grooming is one of the best smelling beard oils out there. Its name has nothing to do with beard oil scents that feel like you’ve been carrying around wood logs all day. This is a cologne-like beard oil that makes your regular cologne bottle useless. You don’t smell like wood, flowers, fruit or vanilla with that one.

The texture and feeling on the beard might feel strange for some beardsmen, since it’s non-greasy at all and not very oily. Nevertheless, this beard oil does its job when it comes to conditioning your beard and make it look nice without getting your hands too messy. For that reason and, of course, because of its pretty good scent, this is a great option to carry around when you go out on weekends. Smells awesome, not messy, there you go!

Learn more on Bear Grooming’s website.