Beard Oil Review – Barbershop Beard Oil from Dingo Dan

Dingo Dan is a beard oil artisan from the United Kingdom. He prides himself in crafting an extremely solid beard oil that I’m very glad to review.

In this article, I will review his Barbershop beard oil.

Disclosure: The products reviewed in this article have been given to me free of charge. I did not receive any other compensation for writing this review.

Barbershop Beard Oil – Get that beard oiled big time!

Among the dozens and dozens of beard oils I’ve reviewed, Dingo Dan’s Barbershop beard oil is by far the most oily. This is the first thing I noticed. Some beard oils may leave your beard dry, greasy and sometimes, not quite hydrated. This one leaves it oily, soft, hydrated and very well conditioned.

This oily texture obviously comes at the expense of having to use more elbow grease to clean your hands after use, but who cares when it’s for a good reason?

The Barbershop beard oil provides very efficient control and some of the best shine your beard can get. The fact that this beard oil is so oily can make the use of beard balm optional at times. It also has great softening and conditioning capabilities.

One thing that’s surprising, my beard doesn’t stay super oily for a long time after applying this beard oil. Once it gets dry, my beard is more oily than usual, but not in a exagerated way.

The Scent

The scent is light oak, according to the product description¬≠. Based on my experience, I don’t think this is a woodsy beard oil. It has a unique scent that blends subtle notes of wood and some kind of unknown floral aroma that reminds me of baby powder. The scent is pretty good as long as you don’t use too much. This could happen since the only negative aspect I need to point out is the lack of glass or euro dropper. This can result in pouring too much oil in your hand or even spills on your countertop¬≠.


Dingo Dan’s beard oil is a premium-quality beard oil that’s definitely worth trying. The very oily texture has several advantages with regards to conditioning, softening, control and shine. As for the scent, it’s pretty good, versatile and doesn’t get annoying over time.

Go check out Dingo Dan’s eBay store to get a bottle of this terrific beard oil!