Beard Oil Review – 4 More Beard Oil Scents from Artius Man (IPA, Citrus Fire, Orange Grove and Classic Gent)

Artius Man is an American beard care product creator from Sunbury, Ohio. The company prides itself on creating high quality beard products from natural and organic ingredients.

I wrote two product reviews for this company back in 2017, which are available here and here, as well a third one earlier in 2018. Among the dozens of beard product reviews I’ve published on this website, Artius Man is one of my favorite companies. I really like their branding, the communication has been great with them and my beard is in love with their beard oil.

They offer a variety of premium-grade beard products and several additional scents that didn’t exist back in 2017 when I first heard about Artius Man.

In this article, I’ll review four additional beard oil scents from Artius Man:

There 4 beard oil scents are unique and have nothing in common with each other, except for the quality of ingredients, of course 🙂

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. This means I may get a small commission, at no cost for you, should you decide to purchase products from this company.

IPA Beard Oil

IPA Beard Oil from Artius Man

An important aspect that makes Artius Man stand out from the competition is the genuineness of their beard oil scents. Their IPA beard oil makes no exception. It smells exactly, not just like any beer, but actual IPA (India Pale Ale) beer, which I’m a big fan of. According to their website, the scent contains 100% all-natural Hungarian Hops.

I like the fact that although this beard oil smells like beer, it doesn’t have any alcoholic aroma at all. This is a medium strength beard oil scent that may not be suitable for every beardsman, since some notes behind the IPA aroma are rather strong. I found out the smell isn’t overwhelming and it’s a pretty good idea for a beard oil scent. I think this beard oil is definitely worth trying out, especially if you’re into spicier scents.

Citrus Fire Beard Oil

Citrus Fire Beard Oil from Artius Man

The Citrus Fire beard oil scent from Artius Man is one of my favorites from this company. The blend of citrus and subtle well-balanced notes of a non-disclosed aroma that appears to be cinnamon is genius. There’s a solid citrus base and the cinnamon is there to provide a twist of spice that makes this beard oil scent marvelous.

I think this beard oil is quite versatile and feels both refreshing and warm at the same time. I have no problem using this scent during Winter or Summer. I also like the fact that it’s not overloaded with cinnamon. I like this ingredient, but too much of it can be a showstopper. Artius Man did a great job with this unique blend.

Orange Grove Beard Oil

Orange Grove Beard Oil from Artius Man

The Orange Grove beard oil is yet another unique scent from Artius Man. This one offers an agilely-balanced blend of cedarwood, orange and a fragrant moss. I like this scent since the woodsy and orange notes help suppress each other’s annoyances. An orange-only beard oil would probably smell like orange juice whereas a cedarwood-only beard oil smells like a stack of deck planks. By blending both aromas together, Artius Man managed to create an orange-based beard oil with woodsy notes that give it a unique twist.

I think this beard oil is also quite versatile and may not be as “manly” as the other 3 reviewed in this article. Nevertheless, this scent is solid

Classic Gentleman Beard Oil

Classic Gentleman Beard Oil from Artius Man

The Classic Gentleman beard oil scent is sandalwood, but not the sandalwood you’re used to. Artius Man claims to have spent months testing out their sandalwood scent in hopes to create a superior product than what’s found on the market.

I think they’ve nailed it since I’m not that big of a fan of sandalwood in general, but this one made me change my mind. The Classic Gentleman beard oil is obviously woodsy, but more in the likes of a cologne. Actually, if you’re into cologne, this beard oil can be a great alternative to it. I think this beard oil is the most versatile of the 4 reviewed in this article. As its name says, it’s classic, and for that specific reason, you can’t go wrong with that one.


Here’s the list of ingredients for Artius Man’s beard oil:

Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, helianthus Annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, butyrospermum parkii (Shea) seed oil, argana spinosa (argan) kernel oil, sclerocarya birrea (marula) seed & adansonia digitata (baobab) seed oil, tocopheryl (vitamin E) acetate, essential oils *Certified Organic.


I am a big fan of Artius Man‘s beard products. The quality is premium-grade, the ingredients in their beard oil are agilely blended and their scents are unique and definitely stand out from the competition. I recommend this company without hesitation.

If you’re looking for a pretty good deal, I suggest you get their Beard Starter Kit. At a pretty good price, you get a bottle of beard oil, a beard wash, a beard balm as well as a wood comb, and you pick your favorite scent.

Learn more on Artius Man’s website.

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